Smart Justice
Eugene Glover

Eugene Glover's story

Eugene Glover spent 14 years in an Arizona prison where he believes he did not receive proper medical care. As a diabetic, Eugene felt as though the Arizona Department of Corrections did not take his medical needs seriously. Eugene believes the lack of effective reentry programs in Arizona prisons leads to a high rate of people being sent back to prison. Upon release, his lack of knowledge of basic technology put him at a disadvantage as he searched for work. “I go to apply for a job, the job tells me I have to go online. Online? What are you talking about online? I have no idea of this new technology,” Eugene said. Eugene is now employed and is learning how to use a smartphone. He is also back in touch with his family after losing contact with them for years. “As far as my freedom goes, not being locked up, and having my family back in my life, that’s the most wonderful gift I could ever ask for,” he said.