Smart Justice
TAKE ACTION: Restore hope to people in Arizona prisons

This year, there is a real opportunity for the Arizona legislature to pass major criminal justice reform bills. One of those bills, HB 2270, aims to reform Arizona’s extreme sentencing laws. HB 2270 will allow people in prison to earn their way to an earlier release date if they’ve demonstrated good behavior and participated in educational and rehabilitative programs.

This bill is a big deal because Arizona is so far behind the rest of the country when it comes to improving its sentencing laws. We need to encourage more people in prison to take part in rehabilitative programming by offering them a meaningful opportunity to earn time off their sentence.

HB 2270 has bipartisan support and we’re confident it can become law, but first it must be heard in the House Judiciary Committee.

Contact Representative John Allen today and ask him to give HB 2270 a hearing.

Passing HB 2270 will be a major step toward making our justice system more equitable, more rehabilitative, and more cost-effective. It will also allow people who’ve worked hard to transform themselves to safely return home to their families and communities sooner.